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Renting an apartment:

If you prefer the idea of renting an apartment, our friends who own a one-bedroom apartment, comfortable, in a deco-era building in Montmartre(Metro Abbesses)on the picturesque & quiet Villa Dancourt. Their web site is very complete and gives you photos, rates, contact info. Go to:
You can email Jason or Jeffrey at:

Also, in the St Germain des Pres area, our friends the Duncans do rent their one-bedroom. Go to:
Or email:

There is a site with lots of apartment rental choices at:
It is interesting but look carefully for the price and neighborhood you like.


Hotel La Perle
14, rue des Canettes
75006, Paris
Tel: 01-43-29-10-10
Fax: 01-46-34-51-04

This hotel is on the narrow rue des Canettes in the 6th arrondissement. The street can be very lively at night, but I love the people at this hotel. They are incredibly helpful and kind and the hotel has an interior courtyard patio, where you can have breakfast in the morning. They also have a friendly bar/lounge if you want to leave your room but not leave the hotel. Also, worth noting, they have a handicapped accessible room on the ground level (complete with walk in shower).

Hotel Recamier
3 bis, Place Saint-Sulpice
75006, Paris
Tel: 01-43-26-04-89
Fax: 01-46-33-27-73

If you can get it, ask for the top 2-room apartment, which has a beautiful view of the Place St. Sulpice and lots of space and is very inexpensive.

Grand Hotel Jeanne d'Arc
3, rue de Jarente
75004, Paris
Tel: 01-48 87 62 11
Fax: 01-48 87 37 31

This is an especially good deal in the Marais. It's nice and the neighborhood / street is fairly quiet. Book early to get better rooms.

Hotel de Fleurie
32-34, rue Gregoire de Tours
75006, Paris
Tel: 01-53-73-70-00
Fax: 01-53-73-70-20

Just off the boulevard St. Germain, this hotel is slightly more expensive but the rooms are nice (most have kilim rugs and small desks, modern bathrooms).

These hotels were reviewed and listed by the New York Times as good deals & charm in one:

Hotel Langlois 63, rue Saint-Lazare; Ninth Arrondissement (33-1-4874-7824; ).

Hotel Chopin, 46, passage Jouffroy; Ninth Arrondissement (33-1-4770-5810;

Hotel Amour, 8, rue Navarin; Ninth Arrondissement (33-1-4878-3180;

Hotel Verneuil, 8, rue de Verneuil; Seventh Arrondissement (33-1-4260-8214,

Hotel Muguet, 11, rue Chevert; (33-1-4705-0593; Seventh Arrondissement

Hotel Lindbergh, 5, rue Chomel, Seventh Arrondissement (33-1-4548-3553;

Hotel de Varenne, 44, rue de Bourgogne; Seventh Arrondissement (33-1-4551-4555;

Hotel Eldorado, 18, rue des Dames; 17th Arrondissement (33-1-4522-3521;

Hotel de Nice, 42 bis, rue de Rivoli; Fourth Arrondissement (33-1-4278-5529;

Hotel Windsor Home, 3, rue Vital; 16th Arrondissement (33-1-4504-4949;

Hotel des Grandes Ecoles, 75, rue Cardinal Lemoine; the Fifth Arrondissement (33-1-4326-7923;

New Orient Hotel, 16, rue de Constantinople; Eighth Arrondissement (33-1-4522-2164;







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